Sunday, August 3, 2008

Redemption by the Blood

I believe you must read this book by Andrew Murray; it's called 'The Power of the Blood'. In his chapter on Redemption by Blood, he says:

1. It is because the life [or soul] is in the blood, and because the blood is offered to God on the altar, that it has in it redemptive power?In that blood dwelt the soul of the holy Son of God. The eternal life of the Godhead was carried in that blood (Acts 20.28). So the power of that blood in its various effects is nothing less than the eternal power of God Himself!

2. The blood of Jesus has a marvelous power for removing sin and opening heaven for the sinner, whom it cleanses and sanctifies and makes fit for heaven.

3. The blood of Jesus has opened the grave. Heb 13.20. The blood of Jesus destroyed the power of death, the devil and hell; His blood has opened the grave?Where the blood is, there the resurrection power of God gives entrance into eternal life. The blood has made a complete end of all the power of death and hell; its effects surpass all human thought.

4. The blood of Jesus has opened heaven. Heb 9.12. Just as it has broken open the gates of the grave and of hell to let Jesus out - and us with Him - so it has opened the gates of heaven for Him - and us with Him - to enter. The blood has an almighty power over the kingdom of darkness and hell beneath; and over the kingdom of heaven and its glory above.

5. The blood of Jesus is all powerful in the human heart. 1 Pet 1.18-19. The word 'redeemed' has a depth of meaning. It particularly indicates deliverance from slavery by emancipation or purchase?The word 'redemption' includes everything God does for a sinner - from the pardon of sin, which it begins with, to the full deliverance of the body by resurrection (Rom 8.23; Eph 1.14, 4.30)

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