Tuesday, December 5, 2006

An Adventure in Montreal, Canada

It was after a very long time that I got an opportunity to go abroad, this time to Canada. I said, Lord, I want to witness for You; make me Your witness! I was so excited to go to the West!

It was Sunday evening when I landed in Montreal. Heavy jet-lag, tired and disoriented. Within 15 minutes of getting down at Hotel Belvedere, I crashed into the front glass door! I almost chipped a tooth and a lens came out of my spectacles [fortunately not broken]. My lip was cut and swollen. I was praying, Lord, have mercy on me! The hotel management was absolutely indifferent. {It's another matter that exactly 2 days later somebody else crashed into the front side glass door and shattered it into smithereens!} [Canada is dust-free, unlike Asia! And we Asians have never seen dust-free transparent doors!]

I rang up to a pastor friend in Michigan, USA and got medical advice and prayer. Tylenol helped!

The next day I ate in Macdonalds; they use beef-fat and that upset my stomach. The first was an exterior attack; now it was interior! I said, Lord, I wanted to witness for you, and look what is happening. Once again, pastorly advice over phone from Michigan and prayer. Imodium helped! [As for food, I switched over to Subway; goodbye Mac, forever! ]

It was on the third day that I 'rose again', i.e. came to normal. I stood outside my hotel and tried to distribute tracts. White Canadian passed by; the tract was rejected. [I felt a sinking feeling; would they refuse the tracts? ] Then an immigrant; he took the tract. It was like 50-50; the local 'christian?' Canadians rejected the tracts; the 'heathen' immigrants and tourists took them!

The prosperity of Montreal. The complacency. The indifference to spiritual things. The way material riches choked out the things of the spirit. Fine Catholic churches; all empty. Quebec didn't need God; they worshipped money.

The same week I opened the papers and read that Canada had passed an Act legalizing homosexual marriages!

Rue St Catherine is a fascinating part of Downtown Montreal. I saw a group of American youngsters doing some kind of skit watched mostly by tourists. They were trying to give the gospel through dance! The method was wrong; it had the effect of a flea-bite on the seared Canadian conscience. Another man was trying to distribute Bibles [New Testaments]; nobody was taking them!

How can the walls of Montreal come tumbling down? Much prayer! Much mourning over sin! Waiting upon the Lord! But if there a consecrated few [even a group of five, Lev 26.8] they can bring the gospel into this beautiful but God-forsaken province, destroying every Satanic stronghold! 

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