Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Visit to the Siwalik Hills

Recently I visited the Siwalik hills with my wife. I was there after 28 years. That's a long time. When we arrived it was cold. We missed our lunch. On the way up we bought strawberries and oranges, but they were not sufficient to quench our hunger. Dinner, too, was a flop. We felt bad.

The next day the sun came out. It was bright and warm. We could see the mountains. The snow peaks glistened in the sun. We had sunshine for the next four days. It was glorious.

We went for long walks. We visited places. We made new friends. We had a memorable time. All by the grace of God.

Is there something more that I should tell you? Yes. Up there in the hills, when we tried to witness for the Lord, we experienced a kind of counter-attack from Satan. We were in a region steeped in idolatry. There was complete resistance to the gospel. This was enemy territory. When we tried to distribute tracts, tell others about Christ, give our testimony and even pray with others -- we experienced a counter-reaction. When we really witness for Christ, and stand up for the gospel, we must expect resistance from the enemy. 

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