Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Daniel Chapter Six

The following are extracts from the little book, The Overcomers' Secret, by Bro Bakht Singh.
They are taken from Chapter 6 of the book. They are based on Chapter 6 of the Book of Daniel.

1. We believers do not use our spiritual rights in prayer. We often pray for many things connected with our natural life, but we fail to pray through for divine unction, the spiritual anointing, which we need every day if we are to live successfully for God. We rely too much on our human knowledge and qualifications, and neglect to seek the wisdom of God for our daily lives, which we have the right to do as believers.

2. Daniel was a very busy man with many important matters to attend to, but he never cut short his time of prayer. When the time for prayer came, he left all the files on the table, and never missed his time of communion with God, three times every day.

3. Some people wonder why they cannot pray; they want to pray but cannot do so for more than 10 or 15 minutes. They fail because they do not give enough time to worship and thanksgiving. They only make requests for things, and so soon become dried up.

4. After 43 years of divine training, Daniel was now facing his final test [i.e. the lions' den]. We find the whole kingdom against Daniel. He stood as one man alone, without a single person to help him. He did not seek help from man, but trusted in God only.

5. As before, he still prayed 3 times a day before his opened windows, and gave thanks to God. Here is the simple way of overcoming. Learn to praise and thank God. Do not allow any fears or doubts to come into your mind, even though you know the enemy is working against you... Daniel gave thanks to God. There was no murmuring or complaining. Thanking, praising and worshipping God is the secret.

6. God often allows our enemies to prosper for a while... but they do not realise that they are going to be punished. Daniel had suffered because of his testimony, but God delivered him because of his faithfulness. It is only when we are found faithful like Daniel that we shall find god delivering us. We must be faithful in our duty, true in our testimony, honouring God day and night, using our knees three times daily without fear or shame, constantly praising God and thanking Him for all things. Then we shall find He will send His angels to work on our behalf, and the enemy's schemes and plans against us will be confounded.

7. Perhaps God is putting us through a time of preparation, and we must be prepared for it. We may be taken through extreme sorrow, trials and sufferings and disappointment. Through these we shall receive a strong and divine faith, divine wisdom and God's excellent spirit; then we shall be given the revelation of heavenly mysteries which at the moment are hidden from us.

[May the Lord help us to be true overcomers. May He take all murmurings and complainings out of our hearts and give us a true strong faith. Bro Bakht Singh.] 

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