Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Psalm 27.14

‘Wait on the Lord and He shall strengthen your heart.’ Wait on the Lord, trust in the Lord, abide in the Lord, ‘feed’ on the Lord [on His word, and in prayer]. He will strengthen your heart. There are times when we wake up with so many worries. Often when we neglect our quiet time, we feel miserable throughout the day. We feel weak. Satan batters us with worries and fears. We lose our peace of mind. Our heart is filled with fears. It shouldn’t be like that. We need to have the Lord strengthen our heart.

I am learning by experience. First thing in the morning: spend time with God. Read the Bible, read devotionals, pray. This is a battle, a daily battle. I need the Lord, I need His peace, I need His presence, I need His power. It’s a life of faith, and I have to overcome. It is not possible without meditating on the word of God and praying. Lord, when I wait on You, I am strengthened in my heart, in my inner man. Thank you, Lord, for teaching me this. Everyone of God’s children must learn to live on the Lord, live by His strength, by His peace, by His life.


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